eepos powertrack

Flexible and innovative

Power Supply

eepos powertrack

The modular power distribution system for fast and uncomplicated provision of energy

The basic and module boxes of the eepos powertracks are fastened in the upper belt of an eepos one profile and pushed into each other. Due to the great flexibility and exact positioning, consumers such as e.g. eepos base media columns can be supplied with power along a line and at any point.

eepos powertrack
Info sheet

At a glance

  • Modular design with plug-in modules and connectors for safe and uncomplicated power supply
  • New installation and retrofitting of systems flexible and easy to implement
  • The busbar supports can be attached to the outside of the eepos profile and up to 9 conductor rails can be attached without tools
  • Simple mounting of the receiver box frame on the steel construction or on eepos profiles with diamond stones
  • Completely wired internal part of the receiver box is only inserted
  • Double current collectors reduce contact resistances at the individual phases

Technical features

  • Load capacity per busbar 100 A, from basic box 20 A
  • 230/400/690 Volt version possible
  • Maximum length: unlimited if the installation regulations of the busbars are observed
  • Feed-in by means of head and/or line feed-in

Standard modules

Basic box

  • Assembly: circuit breaker, GFCI, socket
  • Sizes (LxWxH): 180x160x180 mm
  • Weight 1,80 kg

Extension box

  • Assembly: Schuko/CEE-sockets 16-32A
  • Customized assembly

Module box

  • Single: Size 170x160x184 mm, weight 2,00 kg
  • 2-fold: Size 295x160x184 mm, weight 2,90 kg
  • 3-fold: Size 420x160x184 mm, weight 3,70 kg