eepos nano

Smooth running

at the workstation

eepos nano

The modular aluminium rail system up to 75 kg lifting capacity

For workbenches and workstations. Expandable. Ergonomic. 

The eepos nano modular system, made of high quality aluminium, is the perfect system for transporting loads or tools up to 75 kg. The special design of the eepos nano profiles, together with the eepos nano trolleys, ensures unsurpassed smooth usage within its load range.

With small dimensions, the eepos nano trolley moves up to 75 kg safely and precisely. In addition, the perfect interaction between components significantly reduces noise.

Thanks to its unique ergonomics, the eepos nano rail system maintains manpower and motivation over the long term. In this way, work steps can be standardized, avoid potential errors and adhere to tighter work cycles. At the same time, this encourages employees with professional competency to remain with us their company for the rest of their lives. Ergonomics brings about quality.

Thanks to its modular design, the eepos nano system can be modified or supplemented as required. The eepos nano accessories and components enable the connection to existing systems or plants and the use together with the eepos one modular system. Thus, investments are protected for the future.

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At a glance


  • highest load capacity with minimal overall height
  • low weight
  • unique ergonomics to retain manpower and short work cycles
  • modular, changeable structure with flexible connection of various components
  • the groove system is compatible with the "item construction profiles 5"

Product features

  • available in 3 profile sizes: nano 40, nano 60 and nano 80
  • Loads from 15 to 75 kg, depending on profile size
  • four external item grooves for suspending the profiles and fixing individual components
  • curved profiles are also available in individual radii from 750 mm
  • can be combined with the jam-free and low-noise eepos trolley
  • can be used as a slewing jib crane up to four meters with a 40 kg load
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